Donald Adams

Donald Adams

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First Name * Donald
Last Name * Adams
Username * DonAVP
Country * USA
City Dublin
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


AVP is all about telling a story. Telling your story in an interesting,
thoughtful and clear way. Today people are very sophisticated and
with the easy access to information by TV and the Internet the story
has to be an attention grabber. AVP can take your marketing ideas
and bring them to life.

AVP uses the same technology as movies and TV. This used to be
beyond the reach of many companies but the technology has advanced
to the point were most companies can budget for it. Whatever
the final product maybe and how it is delivered AVP can provide
whatever you need.

A new and exciting technology in the 3D world is the ability to have
3D representations of your product in a simple Adobe Acrobat pdf.
The model looks like what would normally be seen on a CAD workstation.
The user simply rotates, zooms and inspects the product
anyway he wishes while viewing the document. The model can be
pre-programmed to move, open or articulate to show functionality.
There are many interesting ways that this can be used. It has been
said that a picture is worth a thousand words. How many paragraphs
or pages of words is a moving 3D model of your product?

Let AVP show you the many different ways this can be used and
developed to make your company move ahead of your competition.
Systems Used:
PC 3.02Mh, 1Gig, XP
Mac G5, 2 Gig dual cpu
I know a enough Unix to be dangerous.

Lightwave 9
Digital Fusion
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